Self Evident show

This podcast show goes beyond being seen and shares the stories of Asian in America.

I work as Marketing Manager to provide graphic design, social media strategy, implementation, and copy for all material since August 2021.

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Slime recipe

Oohjacquelina Jewelry

Oohjacquelina is a handcrafted jewelry design company created by artist Jacquelyn Wells.  

I work as Marketing Specialist, photographer, and designer for the company since December 2020.

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Customize yours

Holiday market in NYC

Chelsea market in NYC

Adopted Babies from China podcast

Same China. Different stories. We are the ones who found our way in a new life. Chinese adoptees’ stories and the stories of those lives they have become a part of.

This podcast acts as a personal journal, archive, and resource for adoptees and others. 

I host, produce, and engage with audience through social media since April 2020.

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